Time is relative.

This system is currently being revised...

And here is the proposed revision:

A time whose time has come. Systems of measurement are all arbitrary and relative, and the one we use for time is too complex and cumbersome.

Although some use GMT or UTC to clarify specific time on a global scale, its use is infrequent and sporadic.

I propose we adopt the new system. Let’s all use the same time and date reference worldwide. Let’s make it simple.

A ten hour day, with each hour having 100 minutes, and each minute 100 seconds. There it is.

Yes, it will take some getting used to, but with the prevalence of digital displays and automatically uploaded apps, the display of the new format is a non-issue. It is merely a will to do so.

No more doubled base 12 divided up using base 60 math left over from millennia ago. A quarter of an hour will actually be 25 minutes…how about that! 25/100ths instead of 15/60ths.

Seconds are modestly shorter (about 14%) and are actually closer to the length we actually estimate by counting.